Next generation supercapacitor for green energy application

PPulan Nano has developed a series of patented and world-class technologies for the applications of Graphene for Supercapacitor applications.

  • We are leading in the development of next generation nano-carbon based Supercapacitors for green energy storage. Our technology utilizes a unique combination of the new form of Carbon, called Graphene, with a special process for the electrode material used in Supercapacitors, which enable a super performance of Supercapacitors at similar cost of the conventional Supercapacitors.
  • Our technology enable the Supercapacitors have:
    1. High specific capacitance (up 200 F/g),
    2. High energy density (up 15 Wh/Kg),
    3. Significantly lower cost than that in the industry,
    4. Longer life cycle.

  • Applications of these Supercapacitors include in electric/hybrid vehicles, cell phones, power grid, solar and wind plants, actuator systems requiring high power densities, etc.