Welcome to Pulan Nano, the leading source for Graphene materials and technologies

Based on our world-class and patented technology, Pulan Nano is specializing in production and application of graphene materials at industry scale. Our patented technology enables us to produce Graphene at Kg to Ton scale with high quality.

Our Graphene products include Single-layered and Multi-layered graphene. Also we supply both graphene solid and solution products. See our Products for more information.

In addition to these products, Pulan Nano also has a world-class R&D team specializing in Material, Chemistry, Electrical and Mechanical Science and Engineering, which enable us to offer various technology consulting and service for Graphene and product developments. Click on Technology for more information.

Currently, we have developed a series of technologies for graphene applications in supercapacitor (Graphene@Supercapacitor), which are in the pilot scale production now. Click on Supercapacitor for more information.